Wedding Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts


Preparing for your wedding can be a challenge. You’ve chosen the dress, the veil to match and the shoes to go with it. But what accessories do you wear to complete the look?

Choosing a pair of statement earrings or a delicate pearl bracelet can complete your bridal look with elegance and style. You can add a wow-factor to your wedding gown and style you won’t regret.

Here are some wedding jewelry dos and don’ts

Don’t overcrowd your fingers with excessive, unnecessary items

Keep your fingers free of jewelry as one of the most important parts of your day is the ring giving. Your engagement ring and wedding band should be the only things shining on your hands. Style your hands with a classic French tip or sassy nude nails. Keep the hands clean to highlight your wedding jewelry.

Do accessorize with gold or silver cuffs

While hands should be free of shine, you can still add sparkle to your arms with a stunning bracelet. If your dress is strapless, side a few cups to accessorize your wedding dress. Just remember to keep proportion in mind. Small-figured women should wear little cuffs while plus-sized stunners can rock the larger pieces.

Don’t wear hoop earrings

If you must wear some hoop, choose a minimalist style that works with a sleek chignon or a simple ponytail style. Gold earrings are a staple of chic style, and they will also pair great with chunky metal cuffs with a white silk or cream wedding dress.

Do mix metals or gems, but never together

If your dress is simple and you don’t plan on wearing a long veil, consider mixing metal colors in jewelry options. Try silver and pink gold earrings to compliment your gown just be sure to avoid looking garnished and skin jewelry with different metals and gemstones. Stick to simplicity for a clean, classic look.

Don’t assume that pearls are only white

Pearls come in a variety of different shades from pink, cream, ivory, yellow and black. If you want to match your wedding dress, choose the pearl jewelry that will compliment your skin tone and style of the dress.

Do consider your size when choosing earrings

If you are a petite size, choose small earrings. For a medium height and weight, go for medium-sized earrings. For plus-sized, don’t hesitate to go big in size. You can choose large earrings that won’t class with the headpiece or veil.

Don’t wear a watch

Don’t do it. Even if the watch looks like a bracelet, you don’t need to be worried about time on the day of your wedding. Choose a bridal bracelet instead.

Do make sure your jewelry compliments your bridal veil

While it may be tempting to combine all the pieces you collected, you will look beautiful with a unified ensemble. If you have a dramatic veil, compliment the look with simple jewelry. If the veil is simple, why not play up the jewelry.

Don’t wear a necklace with an asymmetrical cut.

With a dramatic necklace, let it speak for itself without all the unnecessary details. Play up the earrings or bracelet instead to keep the look complete.

Do give yourself time to find the right bridal jewelry

Planning a wedding can be stressful, even with an entire year to plan. Shopping for bridal jewelry in a rush will force you to settle on items you may not be happy with your choice .

Don’t limit yourself

You can read all the guides on bridal jewelry, but you might not be happy with what you end up wearing. Go for a once in a lifetime look that you will truly treasure for the years to come.

Do mix and match jewelry

Bridal sets can be stunning and pair well altogether. But if you’re willing to go bold, why not mix the old on with the new? You can buy a simple bracelet and borrow a pair of earrings for your family for a sweeter touch.

Don’t choose cheap materials

While we don’t mean that you should spend a large fraction on your jewelry, refrain choosing jewelry that will look fine for an hour or two but will leave you feeling itchy and turn your skin green.

Do look for pieces you can wear after the wedding

Choose items that you can still wear again. This can be easy if you plan to pick simpler items. You may not be able to find them but do consider items for the long term.

Follow these guidelines to help you look your best on your wedding day.