What You Need to Know About Choosing Engagement Rings


You’ve worked up the courage to pop the question and planned out the entire proposal. The only thing that’s missing is the engagement ring.

Buying an engagement ring can be daunting for anyone, as it is often a complicated and intimidating process. Here’s what you need to know about choosing engagement rings.

Decide on a budget

The first step to choosing an engagement ring is to start with a budget. You can dream of the largest, most expensive engagement ring but may not have the finances to accommodate it. Determine the budget to help guide you through choosing the quality and settings of the ring. There are plenty of budget-friendly options and payment plans for you to consider.

Plating won’t last forever

It is important to keep in mind that plating will wear off and require replating from time to time. The band you choose will affect the color of the diamonds. Before choosing the stone, you must consider the type of setting. Always start with the right setting. A ring with a secure setting will give the wearer a peace of mind through the decades of usage.

Diamonds are more valued for their quality of the cut than the size. While a large rock looks impressive, those who know jewelry will be more impressed with a perfect cut stone in a smaller size.

Choose Sparkle

The first way to tell if a diamond has a beautiful cut is by the way it sparkles. Diamonds are measured in karats, which refers to the weight of the diamond. The clarity in a diamond explains the internal characteristics called inclusions and the surface defects of the blemishes. A perfect diamond is transparent. However, diamonds have some color which comes from chemical impurities and structural defects.

Understand the Four C’s

The four C’s consists of the cut, clarity, color, and karat. These are the four things to consider when choosing an engagement ring.

Where you buy the ring is also important as Jewelry store chains tend to sell an item with false material claims. One bride even said that her fiancé purchased a platinum band, but found out that the ring was white gold, not palladium.

Avoid experiencing an unpleasant surprising by asking friends with experience in purchasing jewelry. Check online to read reviews. It is also important to make sure that the ring fits properly. You can even trace the outline of the hand for the jeweler to determine the proper size of the ring.

A ring that doesn’t fit properly can be resized, but it can dampen the moment. Find the perfect ring that fits and be a moment she can treasure forever.

Consider the fifth C

If you’re on a budget, consider the fifth C – cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is quite indistinguishable from a real diamond except for the jewelry experts. It also costs a fraction of a diamond. You can also replace the stone with a real diamond later on when you have better finances. Just make sure you receive the certificate with the diamond.

Be aware of the metal you choose

You have the options to choose from white gold, platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold as the main choices. White gold will look fresh longer than platinum and lighter than other metals. However, it will need to be plated every one to two years. Platinum will become dull with a grayish color; however, it is the strongest precious metal and resistant to damage. Palladium is another great option as it costs less, scratch resistant, easy to polish and has permanent whiteness.

Consider the style of the ring

Different shapes will look better on different hands. A diamond that is raised on a mount will make the fingers look slimmer. Short fingers will look best with three stone rings. Does she prefer modern and sleek shapes? Or is she attracted to vintage and detailed styles? Select a setting and ring style with her tastes in mind.

Some styles may look nice on a website however it may not suit the wearers’ hands. Consider the size of the hands to determine what styles will look best.

Choose whether to go custom

Does the wearer have a unique style? Consider collaboration with a jewelry designer to create a custom-made engagement that’s unique and unlike any other. Creating the design yourself may be a bit pricey, but the thoughtfulness will make her all the more appreciative.

Follow these tips to help find the engagement ring and create the special moment for you and your spouse.

Image by: www.shiningdiamonds.co.uk
Image by: www.shiningdiamonds.co.uk