As the most precious of metals, gold has embodied power and allure throughout history. To celebrate its timeless, universal appeal and the richness of its meanings and messages, the World Gold Council sponsored the Power and Allure Exhibition at Goldsmiths’ Hall in London.

British artist-goldsmiths Wright & Teague and Polly Gasston were invited by the World Gold Council to capture these qualities and express them in two new visually arresting works of gold couture were view at the exhibition for the very first time.

This coverage shares their journey in the making of the designs and their individual interpretation of the qualities of gold, as well as showcasing some of the extraordinary gold items from the landmark exhibition celebrating the working and use of gold in the United Kingdom over the past 4500 years.

David Lamb
Managing Director, Jewellery & Marketing
World Gold Council

Through its work with highly skilled designers and goldsmiths as well as the commissioning of new projects, the World Gold Council is committed to upholding the tradition of goldsmithing. Guided by David Lamb, Managing Director, Jewellery and Marketing, the World Gold Council is uniquely placed to act as patron, and curator of this artisan skill. 

“In commissioning Wright & Teague and Polly Gasston, we have seen the creative visions of Pleiades and Wreath brought to life. Newly designed, these sculptural works are both circular in form, but here the visual similarity ends.

The graphic, linear, architectural contours of Pleiades by Wright & Teague provide a dramatic contrast to Wreath, the romantically, organic, natural piece from Gasston. We are reaching a point where gold jewellery is no longer simply worn; it is now so highly valued that it has been elevated to the status of gold couture, a beautiful and deeply personal investment to be both admired and appreciated.”