Gold Inspirations Magazines displays the rich diversity of wearable art and craft in a stunning display. As one of the top leading international jewelry magazines, we cover all aspects of adornment and a wealth of information on jewelry.

The monthly magazine provides the latest global jewelry trends with expert advice for designers, retailers, and wholesalers.


Banners – Image-based advertisements will appear on the side, top or bottom section of the site.

Web File Formats

Gold Inspirations offers online advertisement on your site with two forms to choose from

Premier Ads – Premier ads will appear on all pages of Gold Inspirations website with benefits of the most impressions.

Advertiser Gallery Ad – The Advertiser Gallery Ad appear in the Advertiser’s Gallery section on our site. Ads are 200 x 286 pixels.

*All advertisers must provide ads in the following file forms: .jpg, .gif, .png, .swf)

Here at Gold Inspirations, we have taken a fresh and unique approach to cutting down the barriers of essential information by the magazine the website available to all jewelry professionals. Each month our site is read by nearly 6,000 key influencers in the jewelry industry. We aim to ensure that our news is received by key decision makers.

Gold Inspirations receives thousands and page views every month with an effective e-newsletter and social media feeds. We continue to post great content on our website on a regular based. Our Instagram is highly viewed as well as our Twitter following that our team tweets around the clock.

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